Three Pillars of Wellbeing

Balancing core fundamentals contributes to happier and healthier employees


  • Build and maintain healthy habits
    together with your team
  • Strong social relations are
    the best shield against stress
  • Good friends at work is the top reason
    for job satisfaction and retention


  • Find a sustainable balance, improve focus
    and effectiveness during a busy workday
  • Learn how to manage stress
    and turn it to your advantage
  • Mindfulness recharges your mind
    and boosts your energy flow


  • Take care of your sore muscles
    after hours of sitting by the office desk
  • Stretch specific muscle groups
    to release the tension and prevent injury
  • Challenge your coordination skills
    and laugh with your team

Measurable benefits with daily use of Pleaz

Results of scientific research projects based on the use of the platform
of Belonging

Stand out as a great place to work

Your tool for putting employees first


Access to health &
well-being activities


 For everyone regardless of
age, shape or location


More fun and energy
during the workday


Enjoying work
in a less stressful place


Increased results and
employee productivity


Reduced sick leave
and burnout rate


Higher employee


Faster and easier
onboarding process


Employer branding


Forming healthy
habits together


Bringing remote
employees together


Motivating and
engaging activities


Easier collaboration
between departments

Suitable use
for hybrid work model

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🏢  At the office

🎉  Company events


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Be the best place to work by building a healthy, social culture into your company’s DNA with a digital wellbeing tool                                               


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Corporate Health Manager @ Nestle

“We believe that healthy breaks are essential. The breaks do more than gain energy at the end of the day. They increase our capacity to focus and restore energy.."


Head of the Wellbeing Comittee @ Bankdata

“People are a critical resource to our business and culture. Pleaz supports our existing well-being strategy with its digital approach to a healthy work environment."


Senior Consultant @ Nykredit

“We did a Pleazer at a department meeting. The exercises and the laughs created an amazing energy in the room and made it easier to have a productive meeting."


Senior Sales Development Associate @ Milestone

“My personal favourite point about Pleaz is involving people from other teams for a nice break throughout a busy day."


Senior Private Advisor @ Nykredit

“When my tasks overwhelm me and I lose track a two-minute Pleazer is enough to clear my head and approach my tasks from a fresh perspective and with renewed energy."


Corporate Health Manager @ Nestle

“Pleaz contributes to our health and well-being strategy and helps remove the stigma associated with taking a healthy break during a work day."


Senior Sales Development Associate @ Milestone

“I really like it when we're on a 15 people team call spread across three time zones. It's a nice, short break where we can treat ourselves and share a laugh."


We call the fun, video-based, social wellbeing activities – Pleazers.

They are online, two to five minutes long.
Each is provided with a science-based description of the benefits.
Pleazers require no preparation, fitness clothing, special equipment, or need to take a shower afterwards.

In short – to prevent employees from sick leave.

Studies show that performing micro exercises during working hours has the potential to prevent up to 12.8% of employees’ long-term sickness absence.

This is an opportunity for companies to use the work environment as a place for promoting health. Taking the active approach to employee wellbeing will benefit with the range of positive outcomes for the company.

The benefits of doing Pleazers:

🌱 Reduced muscle pain
🌱 Increased muscle strength and flexibility
🌱 Stress and burnout prevention
🌱 Increased energy levels
🌱 Enhanced social belonging
🌱 Higher work satisfaction

* Study from National Research Centre for the Working Environment (click)

**A short, simple exercise that doesn’t require any preparation, special equipment, fitness clothes or a need to take a shower afterwards

Studies show that for the best effect, Pleazer should be performed daily, during the work week. Or at least 2-3 times a week.

According to our research in collaboration with The University of Copenhagen, 4-5 pleasers a week for 3 months can increase: 

🌱  +10% to overall well-being at workplaces
🌱  +20% to mental well-being when doing Pleazers together 

The best thing is that you don’t need to remember about it because pleasers can be scheduled as an occurring event in your calendar so your team members can join from any location.

Anytime you feel a need for it!  

At Pleaz we do it twice a day:

🌱  In the morning at 9:50 to help us start the working day with a fresh focus
After lunch at 13.50, so we can remove the feeling of tiredness after eating and get energized instead and get up to speed with the tasks in the second half of the day.


Of course! Pleaz is designed to connect hybrid working teams together, so  it can be used from any location. 

You can do a Pleazer at the beginning of any meeting, while waiting for everyone to join, and dive into your agenda with a refreshed mind, more relaxed body and an energising feeling of togetherness. 

Absolutely!  This is why Pleaz works.  

Doing Pleazers together is a great way to build healthy work habits. Building habits is a process and when you share the responsibility of building the routine. 

While you’re having a lot of fun together your body delivers you all the happiness hormones needed to stay healthy. Normalising taking healthy breaks during the day contributes to more productivity and increased feelings of satisfaction

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