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Digital platform with the human touch

Sadly, most well-being initiatives go unused. To avoid this Pleaz partners with you to help you get the most from our digital platform.  

Our in-house experts have helped build effective wellbeing programmes for companies of all size across the world and this team is ready to help you from day one.   

With Pleaz you are getting more than an app – You are getting a professional wellbeing partner with expertise in implementing well-being initiatives that actually gets used.  

Preparing for the successful collaboration:

1. Welcome to Pleaz

At first, our consultant helps the project lead set the wellbeing goals and prepares the implementation plan. During the process we provide the communication materials and the best practices tips. Once the well-being initiatives for the next twelve months are planned we are ready to start the implementation process. 


2. Practical onboarding

The next step is to get started. At this stage the consultant and the project lead make sure that all technical and legal aspects are covered, accounts and materials are set up and the implementation we have agreed upon is clear.  

3. Ongoing support

Your dedicated Pleaz consultant will help you in keeping track of how Pleaz is being used, and provide you with tools and communication materials to promote Pleaz internally. This could include webinars, live events for your staff or posters for the office, and more. 


4. Following up

Pleaz customers are never on their own. Our dedicated support team is at your service and will assist with your needs as they arise.
We continuously work on new educational materials and help the users get the best out of the platform.


You can expect to get access to a large and growing library of video-based, healthy and social activities. Additionally, you will have ongoing support from a dedicated consultant, access to materials for internal promotion of wellbeing activities, platform use reports, live events, and more. 

This varies from company to company. In general, the businesses that get the most out of Pleaz have made a decision to focus on corporate wellbeing at the management level. They have an overall wellbeing strategy and dedicated internal resources.

However, the most important thing is the internal drive for a change within the company. ‘The Pleaz Champions’ by encouraging doing the Pleazers together will start the formation of the healthy habits and therefore contribute to the best possible outcome.

Typical goals for a wellbeing program would be:

  • Retention of staff
  • Reduced sick leave
  • Diversity and inclusion  
  • Better team dynamics
  • Easier onboarding of new employees 

Yes. The more the merrier!

Pleaz can be used as the only wellbeing program or be an excellent supplement to another wellbeing initiatives. The pleazers are designed to be inclusive. It’s a great way to activate the segments of those who choose not to participate in more demanding physical activities, such as running club.  

Great question. We’ve have seen a lot creative ideas here. What we recommend is to have Pleaz posters in common areas, promote Pleaz on the intranet and via internal newsletters.  

Other activities which work very well are scheduled times lots in your teams calendars. You don’t have to make attendance mandatory. Usually just having it set as a reoccurring event is sufficient.   

To help you spread the word you can also invite your team to sign up and we can send automatic reminders via email. 

Legally you will have no problems using Pleaz. By design we do not store any sensitive personal data related to employees health. And we have a thorough privacy policy. 
Technical issues in rare cases may arise as companies deal with IT security in different ways. What we typically do is to participate in a meeting with your technical team to work things out. 

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