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Videnskabelige artikler om arbejdsmiljø og trivsel


6 situations to have a healthy break

Inspired by our customers and how they use Pleaz to have a healthier workday.

All the situations can be implemented at your company today at no cost.

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Få tilskud til Pleaz

Læs alle detaljerne om hvordan din virksomhed kan få dækket 80 % af omkostningerne til Pleaz og hvordan I bedst kommer i gang

Danske virksomheder med op til 100 ansatte kan få tilskud til sundhedsfremmende initiativer. Tilskuddet udbetales af Arbejdsmiljøpuljen, der har til formål at forebygge fysisk og psykisk nedslidning.

Pleaz er godkendt som leverandør til Arbejdsmiljøpuljen og vi har hjulpet mange virksomheder med ansøgningsprocessen og fået en sundere og sjovere hverdag.

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What is mental health and wellbeing?

The WHO defines mental health as: A state of wellbeing where the individual can unlock their abilities, deal with everyday challenges and stress, as well as enter into communities with other people. But how can we do this?

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How to prevent back pain at work?

Do you have a sore back causing you pain?   If so, you are not alone – in fact, studies show that throughout a year between 23% to 38% of office workers have experienced lower back pain (1).  One of the main ways to decrease lower back pain caused by excessive sitting during the working […]

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What is physical health?

Physical health is not just looking thin and not calling in sick to work that often. It’s a state of being free from illness or injury and being able to maintain a healthy quality of life. So, how can we achieve physical wellbeing?

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How can mindfulness decrease stress?

Early studies also indicate that practicing mindfulness increases density and thickness in the brain, improving learning, cognition, and memory. So how mindfulness can become a handy tool for both employee and employer?

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What is social wellbeing?

Social wellbeing is defined as feeling a sense of belonging and inclusion by building and forming meaningful relationships with others. But what can you do to strengthen it?

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Five reasons why you should exercise at work!

WHO research states that the average adult should engage in regular physical activity of at least 150 minutes per week to prevent lifestyle diseases physical inactivity may be linked with.
But who has time to exercise with a full-time job, family, and a long list of other responsibilities?

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Encouraging wellbeing in 2021

Not focusing on wellbeing will hurt your bottomline Recent studies conducted on the test group doing active breaks with Pleaz showed that using the platform can increase Mental Wellbeing by even 20%!In order to understand what you can do for yourself, your colleagues and the company we are going to talk with the Professor from […]

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How to turn stress into your advantage

We have invited Dr.Stefano De Dominicis, Assistant Professor of Sport and Health Psychology, for a 30 minutes webinar to help us understand how we can cope with work-related stress – especially in a hybrid workday. Stefano is conducting research into the effects movement has on our minds, personality and behaviours and will help us understand why stress is not necessarily bad.

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Mental health at work

Wednesday, October 13th 2021 14:30 (GMT+2) At Pleaz we want to create a common ground and give all viewers a framework for coping with work-related stress. Bjarne Toftegaard, has a vast experience from a long and stressful career. He worked as an engineer, a Project Director with building Øresundsbroen (Easter Sea Bridge) and a Technical […]

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How did 1 year with Corona affect our wellbeing?

Stefano De Dominicis, PhD, PsyD from The University of Copenhagen and Matias Welsien from Pleaz will talk about human behavior and the implementation of health strategies at workplaces. This will be held against some exclusive data from studies conducted with employees during pandemic.

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Videnskabelig research fra Pleaz

Back to better (på dansk)

En e-Bog om at komme tilbage på kontoret Det første forskningsstudie udført i samarbejde med Københavns Universitet

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