Encouraging wellbeing in 2021

Not focusing on wellbeing will hurt your bottomline

Recent studies conducted on the test group doing active breaks with Pleaz showed that using the platform can increase Mental Wellbeing by even 20%!
In order to understand what you can do for yourself, your colleagues and the company we are going to talk with the Professor from The Copenhagen University and find out:

  • What is the purpose of Pleaz and why is it a science-based startup
  • How you can use Pleaz to work with mental, social and physical wellbeing
  • How scientific design can measure wellbeing
  • Results from the pilot study (Study A) and what is the next step

How to turn stress into your advantage

Can you relate to the feeling of being stressed? Most of us can, and it is most likely an unwelcome part of our daily life. However, stress is important for your mental and physical development. To take advantage of stress and your body’s stress responses, you need to know what stress is, how it affects your body and how you can cope with stress.

We have invited Dr.Stefano De Dominicis, Assistant Professor of Sport and Health Psychology, for a 30 minutes webinar to help us understand how we can cope with work-related stress – especially in a hybrid workday. Stefano is conducting research into the effects movement has on our minds, personality and behaviours and will help us understand why stress is not necessarily bad.

Why should you participate? Our host, Matias Welsien Thomasen, will make sure to ask Stefano questions about work-related stress to give you a new understanding of stress as something important to your mental wellbeing and give you actionable tools to use in your workday.

Mental health at work

Wednesday, October 13th 2021 14:30 (GMT+2)

At Pleaz we want to create a common ground and give all viewers a framework for coping with work-related stress. Bjarne Toftegaard, has a vast experience from a long and stressful career. He worked as an engineer, a Project Director with building Øresundsbroen (Easter Sea Bridge) and a Technical Director at the National Police Department.

Bjarne has experienced severe stress himself and after the sick leave he dedicated himself to further education specialised in stress management. Now he’s one of hte most impactful experts in Denmark working with companies, leaders and stress coaching programs.

In this webinar Matias will ask questions about work-related stress and how we can cope with it. Throughout the webinar we will bring specific cases from our customers and provide actionable tools.

How did 1 year with Corona affect our wellbeing?

Wednesday April 16th 13:00 (GMT+1)

Stefano De Dominicis, PhD, PsyD from The University of Copenhagen and Matias Welsien from Pleaz will talk about human behavior and the implementation of health strategies at workplaces. This will be held against some exclusive data from studies conducted with employees during pandemic. All of this will be covered with Matias asking the professor 10 questions on how to succeed with a health strategy, despite The New Normal. This is a unique chance to understand how companies can start the dialogue about contributing to wellbeing at work.