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Nestlé, the world's largest food company

Pleaz was born in co-creation with Nestlé Nordic

Nestlé as a global leader in the food industry is present in 79 countries around the world. Over 270.000 employees are offered a healthcare program. Pleaz platform, being a part of it, was implemented in all Nordic branches. At the beginning of the collaboration, Nestlé’s Nordic was using the initial version of the Pleaz Platform. This experience brought a deeper understanding of what wellbeing means for remote employees and greatly contributed to the current fundamentals and presence of the platform.

Nestlé's story

Nestlé Nordic’s health program, NCourager, works with health through different initiatives such as weekly training with elastic bands, step machines at the desks or visits by external trainers.

The main challenge at Nestlé Nordic was to digitalize one collective solution that could support health and wellbeing initiatives.
All stakeholders were spending a lot of time and effort on the preparation and were missing a simple solution available online.

Here is where Pleaz came to the picture. In a co-creation process with Nestlé, in September 2019 the first version of the platform was developed and launched as a proof-of-concept.


In the first phase, due to pandemic restrictions the product was designed for meeting rooms. The teams could connect with each other and have fun while exercising with the videos.

Nestlé Nordic also participate in an ongoing research project, which aimed to validate the effects of breaks during working hours.
The study was conducted by Pleaz and the University of Copenhagen.

Since then the partnership has been very beneficial for both parties. The process has been rich with learnings, experiences and improvement.
In close communication with the Ambassadors of the NCourager team, Pleaz executed the implementation strategy, which reached 1.000 out of 1.400 individual activations across Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway after the first three months.

More than 70 thousands of activations since January 1st. 2020!

Nestlé’s Favorite Pleazers:

  1. Computer Headache (Functional)
  2. Computer Neck (Functional)
  3. Stand Your Ground 2.0 (Energizer)


"Pleaz is great at encouraging more activity among employees during a working day, especially during meetings."


Nordic Ncouragers Lead @ Nestlé

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