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Milestone is one of the global leaders
in video management software

Milestone made an incredible effort for their 1.000 employees to promote health and well-being during the challenging time of a lockdown.  By adding Pleaz to their health program “Grow together”, Milestone achieved 2.933 activations while reducing sedentary behavior by 244 hours only within the first three months of using Pleaz. 

Milestone's story

At Milestone, employee health is a top priority. Their health program “Grow together” includes initiatives within physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

During the fall/winter Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Milestone wanted to expand their health program to ensure the well-being of its employees.
To do so, in September 2020 Milestone enriched their toolbox of health initiatives with Pleaz.

During the launch, 150 Milestone employees from all over the world virtually performed one of the most popular Pleazers called: “Musical Chairs”.

Along with doing the Pleazers regularly, Milestone expanded their health program by making sure employees had breaks between meetings and focused on improving the quality of work over quantity.

Since then, Milestone has been unstoppable!

In January 2021 they won a competition for most activations (participating employees) and increased their weekly average by 53% compared to data from 2020.

It is impressive to see how Milestone embraced incorporating healthy activities into their work culture and continuously improve the working conditions for their staff.

“We are proud to team up with Pleaz and put people first – even if it takes some embarrassing moments when we practice what we preach.  I am sure this is one of the really positive things that will stay post COVID-19“


Organisation Development Director @ Milestone

Bankdata is one the largest finance-IT companies
in Denmark with 750 employees

Bankdata approaches employment with a holistic philosophy - having in mind that every individual is unique and complex with a different skill set, abilities, and needs. Their Well-Being Committee strongly emphasizes their employee wellbeing.

Bankdata's story


Corona lockdown in March 2020 meant a completely new everyday life for Bankdata. Like for many others, it meant finding alternative working methods and naturally less socializing among the employees.

Bankdata found Pleaz as a solution supporting their employees’ health, and wellbeing when working from home.

Incorporating daily active breaks in virtual meetings increased their efficiency and sense of community and well-being.

Bankdata collaborated on a research project conducted by the University of Copenhagen and Pleaz. Having fun with pleazers became a primary wellbeing initiative and an enthusiastically awaited part of their employees’ working day.

Over 2.261 activations (participants) and appx. 5.250 mins of total activity since April 2020, Bankdata proudly stays at the top of activations charts.

Since 2020 both parties continue close collaboration and keep improving their employee wellbeing.

Their favorite Pleazers include:

  1. Computer Back (Functional)
  2. The Complete Breathing (Mindfulness)
  3. Confusing Arms (Mind and Brain)


"Pleaz is a perfect match for our values and supports our existing health strategy with their digital approach to a healthy work environment!"


Head of The Wellbeing Committee @Bankdata

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