How to master stress with EQ

How to master stress with emotional intelligence?

EMOTIONS. Let’s talk about it!

Do you know how to recognize stress or talk about emotions with someone who is always “fine”, when you ask how they are?

Emotional intelligence is awareness and knowledge about your own emotions and the emotions of others.

In this webinar Stefano De Dominicis and Pernille Feld Snitkjær will cover:

  • Emotional awareness,
  • Emotional management, 
  • Empathy,
  • Social skills
  • Q&A from participants

All of the above will become practical tools to recognize stress more easily and prevent long-term sick leave.

As emotionally intelligent colleagues, you can all contribute to building an environment of psychological safety at work 🏆 where it is encouraged not to hide how you feel.

Remember: Stress is vital to you, and you can learn how to handle stress to improve yourself and others.

⬇️ Watch the recording of the webinar below ⬇️

The Action Points poster from the webinar: