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Active & social breaks

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Wellbeing Platform

Helping you build a fun & healthy social culture

Short, guided activities that increase productivity and reduce sick leave

Easy implementation

 Simply click & enjoy:
 No preparation or equipment required


 Your team books a recurring
 time slot in the calendar


 Start meeting with a Pleazer
 both online & in the office

Wellbeing globally

Pleaz is used by companies across the world to make their employees thrive




Choose from nearly 200 video-based wellbeing activities

Designed for team meetings online or in-person. It requires no preparation and anyone can participate


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Functional Exercises

+52 videos

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Gamified Challenges

+29 videos

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+13 videos

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+10 videos

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Stress Management

+14 videos

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+39 videos

Pleaz is used by companies in more than 70 countries

Designed for people-first companies of any size

Smaller companies

Be the best place to work by building a healthy, social culture into your company’s DNA with a digital wellbeing tool                                               


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Established companies

Attract and retain talent by promoting health & wellbeing and strong social connections across departments                                   

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Global enterprises

Introduce a wellbeing program across all branches, countries and multiple languages with one, simple solution

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Corporate Health Manager @ Nestle

“We believe that healthy breaks are essential. The breaks do more than gain energy at the end of the day. They increase our capacity to focus and restore energy.."


Head of the Wellbeing Comittee @ Bankdata

“People are a critical resource to our business and culture. Pleaz supports our existing well-being strategy with its digital approach to a healthy work environment."


Senior Consultant @ Nykredit

“We did a Pleazer at a department meeting. The exercises and the laughs created an amazing energy in the room and made it easier to have a productive meeting."


Senior Sales Development Associate @ Milestone

“My personal favourite point about Pleaz is involving people from other teams for a nice break throughout a busy day."


Senior Private Advisor @ Nykredit

“When my tasks overwhelm me and I lose track a two-minute Pleazer is enough to clear my head and approach my tasks from a fresh perspective and with renewed energy."


Corporate Health Manager @ Nestle

“Pleaz contributes to our health and well-being strategy and helps remove the stigma associated with taking a healthy break during a work day."


Senior Sales Development Associate @ Milestone

“I really like it when we're on a 15 people team call spread across three time zones. It's a nice, short break where we can treat ourselves and share a laugh."

Collaborating with experts

Science-based solution

Just one Pleazer of 2-5 mins. per day will improve your employees’ physical, mental and social wellbeing, according to the research conducted by the University of Copenhagen.

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